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About The Hunter Postgraduate Medical Institute



Our main objectives are:

·   To encourage lifelong learning in the medical and other health professions by providing quality independent Continuing Professional Development.

·     To organise self-study programs, small group meetings, conferences, lectures, and education through any other appropriate medium.

·         To promote and employ up-to-date methods and techniques in the provision of such educational programs.

·        To maintain a continuing liaison with leading educational institutions, national and international, so as to continually update and improve our provision of Continuing Professional Development

·         To progressively expand our educational programs to address the needs of Other Health Professionals



 About Us


HPMI provides Continuing Professional Development for Health professionals in the Hunter New England Region of NSW via Seminars  and Online Learning (see Educational Content button below)

Online Learning includes Courses in Shared Obstetric Care, Geriatrics and Ear Irrigation, Handouts and videos from GP Updates & GP Practice Clusters, Breast and Ovarian Cancer meeting, Practice Nurse and Manager CPD and HPMI Newcastle Weekend.

Also available via the Educational Content area are Clinical Guidelines and a Careers in Medicine Guide.

Some areas are accessible by health professionals for free, others available only to HPMI Members. Contact HPMI for information regarding access on 49138163.

Our Mission….

HPMI is committed to the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of the health profession in the Hunter and adjacent areas of New South Wales. It will honour this commitment by the planning, provision, and continuing evaluation of educational programs which are based on the needs of health professionals in those regions.

It will work in close collaboration with the College of Health, Medicine, and Wellbeing of The University of Newcastle, the Hunter Area Health Service and with other educational bodies, to promote the principle of lifetime learning for all health professionals so as to progressively improve the standards of medical practice in the region.