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HPMI Sponsors

Mundipharma Pty Limited


Name Town Email Phone
Bennett, Marlene SYDNEY marlene.bennett@mundipharma.com.au 0417256265
Gahan, Kathrine SYDNEY kathrine.gahan@mundipharma.com.au 0438544546
James, Daniel SYDNEY daniel.james@mundipharma.com.au 0429120327
McGrath, Luke SYDNEY luke.mcgrath@mundipharma.com.au 0427644078
Roche, Angela SYDNEY angela.roche@mundipharma.com.au 0408656047
Walsh, Reuban SYDNEY reuban.walsh@mundipharma.com.au 0419409444
Warner, Louise SYDNEY Louise.Warner@mundipharma.com.au 0407236358

Contact Mundipharma Pty Limited
Suite 1, Level 24, 88 Phillip Street
Phone: 1800 188 009
Fax: 1800 188 006
Web: http://mundipharma.com.au
Email: mpl@mundipharma.com.au

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Please support your local Postgraduate Medical Institute by becoming a sponsor.
Your sponsorship will enable HPMI to provide quality, independent, value-added Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the Hunter and adjacent areas of NSW.

Sponsorship of HPMI is for a calendar year.

HPMI is accredited with self assessment status for QI&CPD points with the RACGP and ACRRM.